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nicholas burns
During formal studies at the university of South Australia Nicholas met Michael Tawa. Together they formulated an autodidactic study of architecture. This educational structure ensured that Nicholas attained a unique ability to perceive, a varied skill set and a knowledge of all disciplines contributing to outstanding architecture.

The plan had a dichotomous pathway; on one hand focused on reading and philosophy and studying architects (Ando, Fehn, Zumthor, Murcutt), on the other hand focused on the practical; building skills and an experiential understanding of climate and culture. In order to achieve this Nicholas moved out of the city and lived in a stone cottage.

During this time Nicholas participated in numerous different disciplines and environments including working for a stone mason; building rammed earth houses in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria; working for winemakers; landscape contractors; and even for a fisherman. Nicholas then applied his varied experiences to his own small landscape design and building company.

In conjunction, this period also saw Nicholas travel coastal Australia, living in a tent, from Rainbow Beach to Perth (over 5000 km). This experience is extremely influential on Nicholas’ design; by approaching the notion of camping as immersion Nicholas developed an awareness of landscape, an understanding of micro climates and diurnal flux.

Nicholas has always, through chance meetings and intention, enjoyed working with and learning from talented people. These relationships have contributed greatly to his knowledge and experience.

In his most recent move, to Singapore, Nicholas enabled the commencement of his international travels; Europe, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia. Varied destinations, both cities and very isolated rural areas and islands, continue to contribute to Nicholas’ understanding of architecture and landscape.

With a goal to create and embrace experiences, formal and informal, Nicholas maintains momentum and growth. In 2009 Nicholas attended the Glenn Murcutt master class and in 2012 the Rick Joy master class with Richard Leplastrier and Peter Stutchbury, he continues to develop his skills through travel and relationships.